Welcome to Ballard County Schools!

In partnership with and in service to our community, the mission of Ballard County Schools is to prepare every student to be a successful individual. Our 1,400-plus students not only attend core content courses, but also have rich choices for additional opportunities. We have one high school and an interconnected middle school, one elementary, and one preschool, located off-campus in LaCenter. A brand-new, state-of-the-art high school opened in January 2006; a new middle school followed in 2007.

Our staff members, certified and classified, all work toward sustaining a positive learning environment with high expectations for all students. Our faculty receives extensive professional development in the areas of differentiated instruction and recognition of diverse learning styles. Ballard County is constantly in the process of analyzing school culture, plus classroom and test data, in an effort to ensure excellence.

Our district at a glance:
Total district enrollment (as of Sept. 29, 2015): 1,373
Total certified staff: 105
Total classified staff: 118
BOE certified staff: 4
Classified: 11
Transportation: 31 classified
Board office located at 3465 Paducah Road, Barlow; phone is 270-665-8400, ext. 2000.
Ballard County Preschool/Head Start students: 140
Certified staff: 5
Classified staff: 17
Located at 455 Olive St., LaCenter; phone is 270-665-8400, ext. 2100.
Ballard County Elementary School students: 528
Certified staff: 40
Classified staff: 29
Located at 3383 Paducah Road, Barlow; phone is 270-665-8400, ext. 2200
Ballard County Middle School students: 288
Certified staff: 23
Classified staff: 8
Located at 3565 Paducah Road, Barlow; phone is 270-665-8400, ext. 2400
Ballard Memorial High School students: 417
Certified staff: 32 (includes Ballard Career and Technical Center)
Classified staff: 22
Located at 3561 Paducah Road, Barlow; phone is 270-665-8400, ext. 2500.
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