Office 365 Tenant Pre Migration

Pre migration up until 3:00 PM Thursday 03/22/2018
Tasks to complete:

BEFORE 3:00 PM THURSDAY 03/22/2018:

It is highly recommended you sign out of ALL Microsoft applications that you have connected to your account on all devices. Instructions are under the How-To section on the right.

Note: Some users may not have been upgraded to Office 2016 yet. If you have NOT been upgraded you will not have the 'file/account/signout' option listed in the instructions.

BEFORE 3:00 PM 03/08/2018 (T-14):

From now until March 8th (3/8/2018), please clean up as much of your email as possible, such as delete old emails you don’t need, empty your trash folder, etc. (This will make the migration process much faster). At the ‘2 weeks prior to’ mark cleanup activities will not assist in the migration as a pre-staging migration will occur 2 weeks before migration.  Moving e-mail between folders, etc after March 8th could result in duplicate content being migrated to your mailbox in the new environment.

Clean up your OneDrive folder as much as possible (if applicable). Delete files/folders that are stale, obsolete or redundant.


No AD user account deletions AFTER T-14

No AD user account creations AFTER T-2 (03/20/2018) 

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