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BMHS teacher to attend McConnell Center conference

Ballard Memorial High School social studies teacher Beth Prather has been chosen as one of 15 participants in the McConnell Center-Liberty Fund, Inc. partnered conference on “Institutions of Liberty: Federalism and the Separation of Powers,” to be held in Baltimore, Md., March 7-10. Theconference explores Alexander Hamilton's claim (as Publius) in Federalist No. 84 that the Constitution ensures liberty by functioning as a bill of rights and, therefore, has no need for a bill of particulars. Readings and discussions will examine the impact of constitutional institutions on American liberty, and particular attention will be focused on the doctrines of federalism, the separation of powers, and the theories of representation embodied in the Congress and the executive branch as the prime mechanisms for the protection of liberty. Readings will come primarily fromThe Federalistand selections from a number of Anti-Federalist writings; conference leader will be Dr. Michael Federici,a political science professor and department chair at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa.

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