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District outlines safety measures
District Safety Measures in place:

               Invited district families to safety update at Bomber Bash.

Visitors must sign in with photo IDs. There is a buzzer entry system at each school.

All staff members wear ID badges.

Issued hand-held radios to additional staff members.

Installed cameras on all regular-route buses.

Purchased additional cameras for buildings and improved existing cameras across campus.

There are weather radios in each school.

We purchased hand-held metal detecting wands.

We conduct evacuation, reverse evacuation, shelter-in-place, lockdown, cover-drop-hold, and severe weather safe-area drills throughout the school year with students and staff.

Regular safety training for staff throughout the district, including our second round of active-shooter training, in coordination with Kentucky State Police, Ballard County Sherriff’s department and Ballard Emergency Management personnel. Regular safety meetings are held to discuss and evaluate plans, and make modifications as needed.

We have one school resource officer provided by the BCSO, as well as additional security visits throughout the day from various local law enforcement officers.

External doors are checked every day by our SRO and staff.

Thirty core team members trained in crisis prevention Intervention for Care, welfare, safety, and  security of students and staff.

We have four employees in our alternative education setting.

There are two registered nurses in the district.

Three mental health therapists, and one mental health caseworker provided daily in the district.

Periodic school safety assessments by the Kentucky Center for School Safety.

Student threat assessments conducted on those who may display at-risk behaviors.

Prominent signage in-district promoting safe drop-off and pick-up, and signs indicating appropriate traffic flow.

Anonymous tipline may be used by anyone in the district or community.

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