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BMHS announces plan for cap and gown pick up, virtual graduation
Ballard Memorial High School will have its first-ever virtual graduation, via the internet, on May 15. Seniors are asked to come to campus on May 12 and 13 to film their segments. They may bring up to four guests, and video and photos will be taken. The plan has been approved by the Ballard County Health Department. Links to the ceremony will be provided via One Call and other media at a later date.mso-add-space:auto;text-indent:.25in'>“We are still committed to doing a traditional ceremony at some point,” said BMHS Principal Leslee Davis. “We will do what we can, when we can.”

.25in'>Davis said she had talked to seniors via Google Hangout and email dedicated to see what they wanted. “They wanted a traditional ceremony; they wanted to walk across the stage; they wanted to be in the gym. Unfortunately, right now, as the governor says, ‘we can’t be doing that.’”

.25in'>In addition, several students who are entering military service after graduation would not be able to attend, no matter when it was held, she said. “We wanted them to have some equity with their classmates and friends. It didn’t seem right to not give them a chance to walk across that stage before they went off to serve their country,” she explained.

.25in'>After consulting with the health department, Davis said they came up with a plan to keep everyone as safe as possible. “It isn’t ideal, but at least it gives them some of the important aspects they wanted in a graduation ceremony. They will get to walk across the stage with guest watching, and we will have a photographer to capture that memory. We couldn’t have done that in a drive-in or other ceremony that we had considered.”

.25in'>For more information, students and families may contact Davis at leslee.davis@ballard.kyschools.us, or 270-665-8400, ext. 2501.

.25in'>Prior to graduation, of course, seniors will need to pick up caps and gowns. That may be done Thursday (April 30). Other important dates and times are listed below.

Cap and gown pick up

Thursday, April 30 -11 a.m.-1 p.m.

.25in'>Seniors may come at any time during these hours to pick up their caps and gowns. Each senior is welcome to bring family members in his/her vehicle, but only one vehicle per family. No one will exit the vehicle – BMHS staff will deliver the items curbside. 

.25in'>Please make sure any balance still owed to Balfour has been paid before this time.

Locker clean out

May 4 and 5 - 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

.25in'>All students may come at any time during these hours to pick up locker contents. Students will remain in their vehicles; locker contents will be delivered curbside.

Cap and gown pick up

Tuesday, May 12, and Wednesday, May 13 - by appointment

.25in'>All seniors will be given an appointment on one of these days when they come to pick up their caps and gowns. On the day of his/her appointment, seniors should arrive in official graduation dress, with no more than four guests. All should arrive in the same vehicle, and stay there until school personnel call for them to enter the gym through the east doors (beside the concession stand).

.25in'>Seniors will have video taken, and families may take photos. There will be space for guests to sit in front of the stage. Graduates also will have professional photos made with their diplomas and guests. At that point, graduates and families will exit the campus, and the next senior and guests will be called in.

.25in'>Additional details on the procedure will be given to graduates with their caps and gowns.

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