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Families reminded about weather make-up day schedule
So far, the weather has been more fall/spring-like than winter, but officials at Ballard County Schools are keeping their fingers crossed.

“We’ve only been out one day (Nov. 12) for bad weather this year,” said Director of Pupil Personnel Bob Wilson. “That first day is covered by our banked time. Any more, though, and we’ll have to start making changes to our calendar.”

According to the board-approved schedule for 2019-20, any additional weather days for the remainder of 2020 will be made up in the following order:

2 - Last day for students will be increased to a full day of instruction; 3 - Feb. 17; 4 - March 13; 5- May 18; 6 - May 19; 7 - May 20; 8 - May 21; 9 - May 22; 10 - May 26; 11 - May 27; 12 - May 28; 13 - May 29; 14 - April 6 of spring break; 15 - April 7 of spring break; 16 - April 8 of spring break; 17 - April 9 of spring break; 18 - April 10 of spring break

If weather days occur after designated make-up days, those days automatically roll down to the next available make-up day (i.e., if the third weather day occurs after Feb. 17, March 13 will be the third make-up day, etc.).

Wilson also reminded families, staff and community members that an excess of weather-canceled days could push student days well past the planned last day of May 15, or take up part of spring break. “We understand that many vacations are planned using the original calendar’s off days; however, we strongly encourage families to check cancellation policies for vacations set for immediately after the planned end of school, or during spring break, in case school is still in session.”

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