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Non-traditional instruction for all students will begin on March 16
Starting Monday, Ballard County Schools will be closed, in an effort to help slow or stop the virus’ spread into the community. However, the district will be implementing a new Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) plan to help keep students from falling behind, starting on March 16.

NTI days have been used by over 80 districts in Kentucky to allow students to keep learning from home if school is closed for things like snow, flooding, or public health issues. The state Board of Education is offering a blanket waiver for emergency applications for NTI, in light of the governor’s recommendation on Thursday that Kentucky schools close for at least two weeks.

Here is some general information about NTI programs:

  • NTI days count as regular school days – students do not have to make up NTI days.
  • Your child’s teacher will contact you and your child about how he/she will make assignments and how they will be returned.
  • Assignments may be digital, via a number of Internet platforms; if you do not have Internet access, paper packets will be provided for your student.
  • Teachers will track student participation on NTI days, and districts will track teacher time.
  • Students will be able to review taught concepts; no new material will be presented.
  • Teachers will have regular hours when they may be contacted for help or questions about their assignments.

“Our teachers lesson-plan every day,” said Dr. Allen. “The mode of delivery is just different.” He said schools would have different plans for their programs, depending on what would best serve their students. Currently, the intention is to have NTI days for the weeks of March 16-20 and March 23-27.

All three schools – Ballard County Elementary, Ballard County Middle, and Ballard Memorial High – will begin NTI on Monday. Individual teachers at BCMS and BMHS will be in contact with students in their classes, either by email or phone. BCES teachers already have reached out to most of their students.

If neither parents nor students have heard from their teachers by Monday after lunch, please contact them. There is a staff directory for email at http://www.ballard.kyschools.us/StaffDirectory.aspx, or call 270-665-8400 and ask for the teacher. 

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