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Updated COVID-19 guidelines announced
Ballard County Schools has updated its COVID-19 guidelines, in accordance with the latest CDC quarantine options.
Positive cases:
COVID-19 positive cases must quarantine 10 days from the onset of symptoms. For example, if symptoms began Jan. 1, quarantine would begin on Jan. 2 and end Jan. 11, in order to run the full 10 days. Students testing positive must provide a release before their return to school. 
Exposed individuals will need to quarantine 14 full days from the last exposure to a positive case. For example, if a person was exposed on Jan. 1, the full quarantine will be from Jan. 2 through Jan. 15. If the exposed person does not have any symptoms during that time, he/she may return to school on Jan. 16.
Points to consider about a full 14-day quarantine: 
-    The 14-day quarantine is recommended by the CDC.
-    We are taking this step in order to keep students’ and staff members’ health and safety at the forefront.  
-    Our goal is to keep our students in school for the remainder of the year. It is our belief that these precautionary steps will increase our chances of doing so.   
-    A COVID-19 test will not be required if symptoms are not displayed during the 14-day period. 
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