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New Instant Pot cooking seminars set for January

There is no charge for the classes, and participants are encouraged to bring their own pots to use for the week's recipes. "There's no limit to the number of students, either," said CE Director Julie Thomas, "at least those who just want to come and watch. However, because the pots draw a significant amount of electricity, we are limited to the first 10 registrants who actually want to cook."
Glisson maintains a Facebook group called Ballard County Instant Pot. "I'll post the week's recipes on there, and folks who want to fix their Sunday dinners can come to class with all the right ingredients," she said. "We'll also be happy to have people who just want to learn about this time-saving way to cook."
Students are asked to preregister by emailing or calling Thomas (info at the bottom of the story) no later than the Friday before class on Sunday. "You can register for both remaining classes, or just one. We'll talk about that when you preregister," she said.
Anyone wishing to preregister should email Thomas at, or call 270-665-8400. For more information about what will be covered in class, please contact Glisson at 270-519-1984.