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List of external NTI resources

Below you will find a list of external links of additional NTI resources (not those sent to you by teachers/administrators). These have been gleaned from numerous sites - some are local, some international - as far as we can tell, all are free. We have done our best to look over the sites that are linked here, but please be aware: Many have external advertisements and links; some (like the art galleries) may have content that you find unsuitable for some of your students. 
We are posting them in an effort to give you additional resoures and opportunities while you are at home. There are read-aloud stories (some from space!), "field trips" to zoos, farms and other cultural sites, even operas and other performances. We thought they might be helpful, or at least interesting, but their posting here should not be construed as an endorsement or approval of content.
If you do find something objectionable, or have been using a free site you really like, please email [email protected], or call her at 270-665-8400. Thank you!
- The Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom here.
- Information on Khan Academy here.  
- Kentucky Center for Mathmatics site for family math resources here.  
Sites with content for all ages:
- Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Cooking School (free until April 30) here.  
- 150+ educational shows to stream on Netflix here
- 75+ things to do when you're stuck indoors here.  
- Virtual tours of 33 national parks here.  
- Virtual field trips (San Diego Zoo, animal cams, farms, museums, etc.) here 
- Virtual tours of farms and other sites in Kentucky here
- Visit the Smithsonian from your living room here.  
- Disney Imagineering in a box here.  
- Online collections and exhibits, archives, e-learning resources, and yes, more virtual tours, of museums all over the world here.  
Live periodic events:
- Live activities at Challenger Learning Center, Paducah (M-W-F at 10 a.m.) here
- Live art lessons from Make in Paducah (M-F, 1 p.m.) here.  
- Series about Kentucky wildlife myths from Salato Wildlife Education Center (daily, noon) here.  
- "Home Safaris" at the Cincinnati Zoo (M-F, 2 p.m.) here.  
- Metropolitan Opera performances (nightly, 6:30 p.m.) here.  
Also, check Instagram for occasional pop concerts with the hashtag  #TogetherAtHome.
PS/ES links:
- Accelerated Reader Home now available. Students will use the same login they do at school - here
- GetEpic, used in the BCES library. Free until June, here.  
- Books read by actors and other famous people here.
- Books read by astronauts - while in space! - here.  
- Free worksheets and printables, P-5, along with games, guided lessons, etc., here.  
- Day-by-day projects to help keep kids reading, thinking, and growing here.  
- Crafts, activities, holiday themes, (even a recipe for the dreaded slime...) here.  
- 28 days of STEM and STEAM activities here.  
MS links: 
- Math graphing tools, demos, and challenges here
- Earth, life, and physical science lessons here
- Virtual dissections and labs here.  

Distance Learning
Student opportunities
Kentucky Virtual Library

As of March 20, KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library) is now open to anyone who has a Kentucky school email address. Anyone can use his/her public school email address to request the ID and password.

Just complete this form.

The Kentucky Virtual Library is an important and trustworthy resource for newspaper and magazine articles, references and other resources. Students are encouraged to use KYVL for any type of research. 

To access the database, Ballard County students may obtain the ID and password from the Bomber Media Center or any English teacher.Please be aware that the password is changed every six months.Click on www.kyvl.org to find books, articles and more, general and reference, education, arts and humanities, science and medicine, business and economics, and social sciences categories

Through this portal, students also can be connected to other databases such as EBSCO, Grolier Encyclopedias, NoveList, ProQuest, Searchasaurus, Biographies, International Index to Music Periodicals, and Kentuckiana Digital Library.

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