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Child in virtual learning tests positive; district discusses state's new COVID-19 reporting requirements for parents
A child who is a virtual-learning student at Ballard County Elementary School tested positive on Sept. 22 for COVID-19. The child had not been attending school in person.
The Purchase District Health Department is handling all case investigation and contact tracing, with cooperation from Ballard County Schools. Individuals who were in close contact with the student will be contacted by PDHD and will receive instructions. Their contact tracing is continuing at this time.
The governor and state will require parents and guardians to notify schools of any positive test results within 24 hours, starting Monday, Sept. 28. The schools, in turn, must notify the state and the local health department every day about the number of positive cases among students and staff, as well as number of quarantines, also starting Monday.
“Our families have done very well since we started school,” said Bob Wilson, Ballard’s district director of pupil personnel. “They have been very good about calling when a student is ill, or has been tested and awaiting results, or just asking questions.
“That timely reporting to us is so important, because it helps keep the rest of our students and staff safe and healthy,” he continued. “This is a virus, similar to a cold, that anybody can get. We don’t want anyone to feel bad, or feel any kind of stigma if somebody in the family happens to catch it.”
Quick reporting is essential to stopping the spread, Wilson added, as is taking quarantine seriously.
 “We will continue to work closely with the health department and take recommended steps to ensure the safety of all students and faculty,” said Wilson. “We continue to follow our daily regimen of sanitizing classrooms, buses, and other high-touch areas, and to adhere to PDHD and state guidance concerning social distancing and mask-wearing.”
Anyone with specific questions about the district’s health and safety protocols may contact Wilson at 270-665-8400, ext. 2014, or email [email protected]. Anyone with questions about COVID-19 may contact the PDHD at 270-665-5432. The district also maintains a COVID-19 resources page on its website under the “District” tab at http://www.ballard.kyschools.us/COVID-19resources.aspx.
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