Quad State Shoot-out here on Saturday; recognizing 1992 boys' team

Ballard Memorial High School will host the Quad State Shoot-out on Saturday, Dec. 10, at the Green Palace. There will be teams from Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee playing, along with BMHS girls and boys, starting at 1 p.m.
There will be a special recognition at halftime 7 p.m. game to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1992 District Champion boys’ basketball team.
Admission is $5 for everyone. Full schedule is as follows:
1 p.m. – Charleston, Mo., girls vs. BMHS girls
3 p.m. – Bloomfield, Mo, boys vs. Big Sandy, Tenn., boys
5 p.m. – Big Sandy girls vs. Pope County, Ill., girls
7 p.m. – Pope County boys vs. BMHS boys