Helpful links for talking about school safety with your children

Kentucky Center for School Safety

This page on the KCSS website offers a number of resources. Scroll down a little, and look for the "Marshall Strong" ribbon.

National Association of School Psychologists
This is a link to the NASP resources page for school safety and crisis. There are numerous resources listed here.

NASP School Violence Prevention
This is a common link you may have seen in other places recently. It disusses specifically how to talk to your children about school violence issues, including a breakdown by age category.

Food service now accepting online payments for student, staff meals

Ballard County Schools has partnered with a new online payment portal where parents can pay cafeteria bills, view student balances and cafeteria purchases, and even make online automatic payments.

The website is, To use the system, parents or guardians must establish a user name and password. Next, a confirmation will be sent to an existing e-mail account. There is an operational cost of $2 for each payment, charged by the banking system associated with this program. However, parents may still pay by check or cash as well.

For more information on the system, please click below or contact school nutrition director Amber Hayes at 665-8400, ext. 2530, or email

Student insurance opportunities

The Ballard County Board of Education purchases basic and catastrophic accident insurance coverage for all district students, which is in force during school time and for school-sponsored activities. Complete information about this coverage may be found in the Code of Behavioral Expectations. 

Accidents must be reported to the school as soon as possible after they occur. Any student who is injured at school or during a school-sponsored activity should contact the secretary in his/her building. The secretary will have student accident reports and the insurance packet.

Additional 24-hour coverage may be purchased for a fee; forms were sent home with students at the beginning of the school year. There is a voluntary student accident insurance application below; if enrollment is done online, the insurance policy goes into effect immediately.